Power-grid frequency database

Welcome to the power-grid frequency database. Here you can find recordings of power-grid frequency from across the globe.

This website is the front-end of the data repository Open Access Power-Grid Frequency Database, hosted in the Open Science Framework. This website Power-Grid frequency database contains all the relevant information on the content of this database. You can find the links to each data set on the map above or in the database.

This database of power-grid frequency is comprised of open data existent across three dimensions:

  • TSO data: Transmission Systems Operator (TSO) recordings made public;
  • Research projects: Open-data database research projects;
  • Independent Gatherings: Industrial, private, or personal recordings that were made publicly available.

The data found here is always free for usage. For each dataset you should check their licensing, to ensure no copyright violations and correct referencing. The data from the TSOs and Independent Gatherings is processed, using a set of scripts found in scripts. The data from other research projects is simply linked here, thus not processed, added to the map, and structured into the database. If you wish to add your data, contact us or open an issue on the Github repository Power-Grid Frequency.

This is not a static database, we welcome everyone to contribute their data to ensure transparent and clean science. The data we processed and made available is hosted on the Open Science Framework. If you want to get more data or find models for various other energy-systems’ related content, visit the Open Power Systems Data.

This database and website are register in the https://www.re3data.org/ registry.